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See the answer to some frequently asked questions below

  • Can we cater for ALL Tax Preparation and Lodgements?
    Yes and we will use every legal tax strategy to ensure you either pay less taxes or receive tax refunds.
  • Do I need a bookkeeper if I have an accountant? What’s the difference between the two?
    Contrary to popular belief, accountants and bookkeepers perform distinctly different tasks for the businesses they serve. Bookkeepers are responsible for on-going maintenance of their clients’ general ledgers. A bookkeeper’s common responsibilities consist of: Compiling data on a daily basis Categorizing expenses in the general ledger Reviewing the general ledger for accuracy Reconciling bank statements against the general ledger Generating financial statements Accountants use the accurate and up-to-date general ledger maintained by the bookkeeper to provide advisory services, such as: Analyzing the company’s financial data Preparing income tax returns Providing tax planning advice
  • What software do you work with?
    We use software such as QuickBooks Online, Xero and MYOB
  • Are we qualified?
    Yes, our Bookkeepers and Tax Agents are certified with years of knowledge and experience
  • How much do we charge?
    It really depends on the service you need however, our clients prefer a one off monthly cost with our fees being negotiable to benefit you with cost effective tax deductible fees.
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